The 4 Realms of a Safe Haven.

When we find a safe haven in another person, encompassing all four realms—mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically—it is an inescapably secure feeling of love, patience and vulnerability.

But sometimes stability fades—temporarily or forever—and it’s important to reach inside and create a safe haven for ourselves.

1) Mentally: Yoga Sutra 2.33, “When disturbed by negative thoughts, cultivate opposing ones.” There must be a deliberate effort to change our internal conversation. We should speak to ourselves like we would to others.


2) Emotionally: Find more support or alternative emotional stand-posts. They can be as simple as the loving affection of a beloved cat or dog, a hug from a friend, a good cry etc.

Reach for something that allows for both solace and release

3) Physically: Where is your safe environment? Is your home your sanctuary of safety or another person/place? Locate, remember and visit.

4) Energetically: Vulnerability is a critical element that we must cultivate with others for transparent and beautiful relationships.


 There is a sacred space created—an   energetic     space—that is to be respected and embraced only with compassion, patience and love.

Visit a temple, engage in mantra recitation, yoga, meditation communities and any other space that allows you to hold the energetic place of vulnerability.

Remember that even those who provide the safe haven for us are human and may not be around in our moments of need. Create your own space and keep your reminders and resources at hand.

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